Simple Box UVW Map Modifier


(1D_Inc) #41

Thank you! This is awesome =)

(hp9000) #42


I think so too :yes: and hope this will be sometime

Thanx for comments!

(marcatore) #43

your addon is very usefull.

I hope now you can introduce a null object to control the UVmapping like the gizmo in 3dsmax and as much as possible options of it.

If I have to do a “most used” list of those options, it could be like this:
1 - the mapping type (most used planar, cylindrical, spherical, box)
2 - the dimensions of the mapping type
3 - in the alignment panel after the alignment axis, most buttons i use are fit, center, bitmap fit and acquire

I know that are about all of these…but I think it could be a great addon for the uvwmapping… in archviz it’s used very often…I can say that in a archviz project near to 90% of the objects are mapped in this way

If you want explanation about some of them or do some tests…I’m available… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I want to clear my post… I hope you could bring my suggestions as incentive because it’s already a great addon…and I think that with some adds it could be perfect! :slight_smile:

(holyenigma74) #44

how come this isnt included in the external contrib addons?
its an awesome script it should be included ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoever is responsible for putting it in there make it so… please :wink:

(trew) #45

Hey thank you for this plugin really really helps accelerating the work.
I ran into a problem today is probably the plugin does not work well with versions 2.64 and later

(hp9000) #46

Addon works properly in 2.64. It’s not unwrap! Addon simple creates texture coordinate for using with tiled textures.
Use Best Planar map only on a few faces (not all at once). Watch this video

(3pointEdit) #47

Omg! That is so awesome. Makes me want to go back to modelling, I think that with the right alpha selection on an image, I could make decal maps even easier than attaching a null empty.

Do I have to assign uv groups for each set of faces to modify or simply select them in edit mode?

(hp9000) #48

Simply select them in edit mode, no need additional UV groups

(3pointEdit) #49

I noticed that the script’s uv mapping of an object became corrupted, does the script have to be available and running for the mapping to stick?

(Talking Bird) #50

thank you great man!

(marcatore) #51

I’ve tried this beautiful and usefull script with the latest 2.66a release but it seems it doesn’t work… could someone try to use with 2.66a release??

Do you think that there will be the possibility to expand this script with other options likely the 3dsmax modifier??

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I’m sorry…the script works… I tried with a geometry that could be corrupted or something strange, with a new plane the scripts works fine.

(Leandro Cavalheiro) #52

Thanks @hp9000, your script is working nicely!
Just missing an option to use current 3D cursor position as mapping origin. (usefull for precise mapping like tiles)


(rombout) #53

Wow very great tool! really should be a basic blender tool if you ask me

(Crocadillian) #54

This tool is going to be pretty awesome for unwrapping game assets, as current unwrap options don’t allow for unwrapping if the texture needs to be tiled. Thanks so much!

(abre360) #55

Totally agree. Thank you for the progress that you have.

(Quantum Anomaly) #56

I just discovered your add-on while researching the best way to texture for archviz.
You just helped my project go a lot more smoothly.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(romuloCosta) #57


I’ve found that in order to maintain the texture original proportions one would need to change the “Texture squash” option to this:
(image height / image width) *(-1) +2

Not too obvious, specially the +2 part, but that’s what seems to work with the addon’s present behavior.

edit: Alright, now that I give it a second try, the ‘texture squash’ function work’s just as promissed - just keep it 1
dunno what on earth I had done :spin:

(stevin) #58

Hello everyone , i’m a new user. I have a problem with this addon, i can’t install it.
I put it in the folder scripts / addons ( on win7 64) but i can’t find it in the list.
I tried to “install from file” but…no way. I have Blender 2.72a .
I attach the screenshot of the error.

(Sanctuary) #59

Make sure the file is in

Then in File-> User Preferences, in the Addons panel it’s at the Mesh category, “Mesh”
Mesh : Sure UVW Map v.0.5.1

still an awesome addon that really should be one of the unwrap built-in functionality.

(moth3r) #60

Strange, instead of download link and python file I’m getting redirected to: