Simple but beautiful out door scene

What you can do is improve the rock texture, it has a bit too much spec too at the moment. Also have the orange sunset color bleed throughout the scene, the spec on the rock is white, should be orange-y, i think…as well as the grass

It looks awesome. Perfection.

I don’t mean to be too negative, but the only thing that looks good in that image is the sky, which is probably just a picture. The stones look blurred and low poly, the grass is good looking grass, but there is nothing to look at in the grass.

in order to make this beautiful, the stones need to be looking better, and there needs to be something visually attractive other than the sky. Like make a track in the grass, or a crop circle.

atm you have 3 elements, too soft stones, good looking but boring grass, and a beautiful picture as a sky.

also, the left stone is black and much too near the camera,blocking almost a fifth of the image.

with some more work, this could indeed be a very cool scene, but atm it’s just some 3d geometry blocking the view towards a picture.

A bit more detail on the vegetation would have been nice.

Have to agree with Biglines on this one.

Also the scene would be brighter than it is even with the sun that low in the sky. Brightening it up would also reveal some juicier details in the grass/rock. At the very least the back of the rock shouldn’t be pitch black.