Simple (but Beautyful ) Compositing Technic

Well, since I never saw someone else but me doing this, i wanted to share this :smiley:
I’m usually not the guy who make’s tutorials (It has it’s reasons :smiley: ) But i really just wanted to share this with you ! :slight_smile:
It doesn’t change a lot, but it’s a small step to improve your artwork / animation and at the end you’ll barely notice, but, it will be better ! so take your time to get a better blender artist and watch this ! :slight_smile:

Can you please expand this and discuss how you did the text as well as the final glare and animation?

well, i lost the view over this topic a bit, so i"m answering a bit late i guess, sorry for that :S
well, to make it short, the text is made out of single text objects with a metallic bump map and a glossy shader, the glares are rarely easy to make, my tip is: Watch Andrew Prices Introduction to Compositing ! he explains glares in tho tutorial :wink: