Simple Character for Animation

Here is a simple character I have ready for an animation. One thing I discovered is that it would be nice to apply shape keys to lattices. Can someone suggest this?

Some more expressions

oops. Here they are I hope…

That looks really good(tho that eyebrow is a little too crazy;) Could be really good.

Thanks Drew. This is the first time I have really tried rigging. I think I am starting to get the hang of it. At least, I am not afraid to try it like I was…

Here is a wire frame.

Ha, don be afraid man, you did a great job. I know its hard to start up rigging. It takes so long, and can get srewed up so bad. I think you did one of the best rigs ive seen in a while. how new are you to blender, and cg in general?
peace man

Actually, I’m an old timer to blender… a c-key guy… that’s why I am kind of ashamed at my lack of rigging skills.

This one went really well however… I did most of it last night.

AS I said earlier. I would really like it if shape keys could be applied to lattices. You can see why in this pic. I have my lattice parented to my head bone and it is modifying vertices on the head, eyes, and eyelids (which are all separate objects). If I could apply shape keys to the lattice, I could make a bunch of facial expressions (switch and mix). As it is, I must play arround with the lattice each time I want to deform the whole head (eyes etc.)…

Still, it’s a pretty cool set up.

Thats very nice. I still cant get a hang of the lattice deform setup things…goes right over my head…good luck

Your character has great expression, though i agree with drew
on the eyebrow :wink: Anyway, i really love it !
You surely have your reasons for the lattice technique you’d like to use,
but why not apply the shapekeys to the mesh itself? I looked at the wires
you posted, they look really fine and clean and should be well suited
for applying shapekeys.

Keep it up,

lattices can give you greatcontrol over deformation

Thanks for your complements defstone.

I use the lattice because the eyes, the lower eyelids, and the upper eyelides are all separate objects from the mesh. Thet are separate so that I can put a track constraint on the eyes (They track a bone).

I suppose I could make individual shape keys for each mesh, but that would be time consuming. The lattice can deform them all at once. If shape keys could be applied to it, that would be nifty.

Sincerely, xn

k, got it :slight_smile:

i think one or two weeks ago i tried shapekeys for a lattice and i remember
that i worked… but i think only absolute shapekeys are possible…

Another solution i tried was to add hooks to the lattice and animate the
hooks over some control objects using constraints like copy rotation, copy
location etc. It worked pretty well…

Hope this helps…

You could use hooks as controllers to deform your lattice. It’s not as exact as shape keys, but it should give you sufficient control.

Hello everyone,

Well, I tried to do some animating, but I am not good enough and don’t have time to practice. So, I thought I would give you the file… Perhaps some of you can do something with it.

Sincerely, xn

Very nice and good job. I love sort of comic style he has.