Simple Character Modeling Attempt

Hello. This a simple character I am working on. I plan on creating a full character later on. Any advice is appreciated.

Most Recent Update:

Good work so far. The hair shading is very nice, but I’d like to see a version without hair and possibly a wireframe. It would make the details of the skull easier to see. A higher contrast lighting setup might help make those details more obvious. Since you’re looking for feedback at this stage I’d recommend making the shadows a bit darker. That’s my preference anyway. At this point I’ll focus on the hair.

I think the beard is convincing, but the hair and the eyebrows could use some touching up.

Eyebrow hair doesn’t all grow in the same direction. Instead it grows up away from the nose and then follows the line of the brow. Consider using a hair particle system here.

I see spiky hair that’s a good look. :slight_smile: But it could use some touching up. Here’s why:

Hair at the side of the head naturally grows down and toward the ears. You can see the grain of the hair clearly when cut short like with a buzz cut. Spiked hair is pulled away where it is styled upwards, leading to a break visible as a part on the side of the head. This part usually takes place at the hairline, sometimes lower.

Your character has shortish hair. Hair this length will tend to settle on its own so a styling medium is necessary to get it to spike - you could put in some clumps to emulate gel or hair spray. A shorter cut might be better if you want the hair to look like it’s standing on its own. But in that case you won’t see the parting I talked about.

Try out some looks and see what best fits your character. :slight_smile:

Also, I think the eye’s have way too many veins. He kind of looks bloodshot at the moment, so I would recommend only adding a few subtle veins. :slight_smile: I like the hair shader though! nice work.

to start your character has no eye lids.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I worked on the hair and fixed the eyebrows. I still have to add eye lids and a few more details, then I start on the body.

Here is the basic version without hair stonesoup.

Hmm… no big problems covered by the hair. The lips could use some volume maybe. The mouth doesn’t seem to follow the plane of the head. Making it curve around a bit could help with that. Also, the base of the nose is pinched in behind the nostrils. You could fill that out I think. :slight_smile: