Simple Character Tutorial Based Around Link (Zelda) or Brian (Quest 64)

Have any one of you played Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Link) or Quest 64 (Brian; look for Brian around a 1:00 mark in YouTube)? I’m looking for a tutorial that is based off of any characters that are made in both of the games.

It does not have to look the same as either Link or Brian, but I must stress that realism is not an important factor when it comes to building a human character for a simple 3D game, so it’s got to be simple, as in low poly. Modeling clothes like in Brian in Quest 64 could came later once I know how to model a character.

The reason why I’m asking this is I’m interested in trying out a Blender game engine which I have never used before, but I’ll keep that in a game engine forum if I have questions once after I search for something I’m looking for. Anyway, if the kind of question have already been asked like a lot, please pardon me as it’s kind of hard to find a tutorial that I want that is based off of characters in Zelda: OoT and Quest 64.

I will try to rephrase my question if my post is unclear to anyone. I’m a native English speaker, but the problem I have is repetition and I’m doing all I can to avoid it just to make it sound unclear. Speaking out loud or read-proofing before I submit my post does tend to help.

People around here don’t generally do make tutorials from specific requests. Its better to just learn the program and learn how to make the model yourself, I don’t have time to look right now but some websearching should end you up with some character modeling tutorials. And i’m sure some other people will point some out to you.

I know Blender’s UI and how to use the tools so that’s no problem, but I’m just unsure how to model a basic human-liked character like Link.

I’ll continue to do a lot more searching anyway while still waiting for pointers.

Well, after a long search in the Internet, it turned out I need to do a 2D sketch of a character.

Here I found it:

As it turned out, I was looking for something more of a Japanese anime style, which is also referred to as “manga.” Isn’t the word “human” too broad?

Anyway, I did not mean to waste anyone’s time, but at least I found it anyway. Sketching and concept design of a character always came first.