Simple chem. molecule model: Bonds should stay attached to key-framed atoms (spheres)

Hi Guys,
I hope you can help me with this:

For visualization of multiple moving atoms in a Molecule (Atoms are represented as spheres and bonds as sticks) in Chemistry I need to
know, how to get the parenting/constraints right, so that each end of the bond stays attached to the moving atom which I simply key-framed (without an armature, through a script).
Is there a simple way to do this (hopefully without adding a bone to each atom and the bond - Even then I couldn’t get the constraints right.) ?

Note: one atom can be connected to multiple other atoms (e.g. like in Methane)

An Image, or tow, of what you are trying to achieve, or your blend file would help!!! Even one with just one molecule of methane would be good, so I know what you are trying to achieving, also a look at the proposed animation would be nice.

Having said all that I would initially look at an armature rather than object constraints. IK chains enable you to do this very easily.

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You can post blend files here and then post the link in your thread, if the system will not let you post blends yet - just click the “Go Advanced” button to be able to post images and blend files.

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