Simple compositing/animation test

New to Blender, and am really impressed by all it can do – it’s quite an amazing suite!

Here’s a quick little hybrid test… just getting to know the tools…


Great camera tracking! The character seems to fit naturally into the scene :slight_smile:

Looking really good considering this is only a test, i’m sure your final camera-tracked scenes will look fantastic :smiley:

Nice work mate! :smiley:

Thanks so much! Yeah, she’s a just a test… but havin’ fun learning!!! :smiley:

A great test, you must have some previous experience in other software if you’re new to Blender! Can’t wait to see more.

By the way, you’re not the creator of “Kaze: Ghost Warrior”, are you?

Thank you so very much! Yes… I’ve had experience in other software prior to Blender. I was a die-hard LightWaver since about 1989 or 1990… wrote books on the software (under the name, Timothy Albee) and really tried to get the word out about it, even though LW was skoffed-at in most higher-end studios.

I’m finding Blender to be a lot more powerful than LW… and not just in “big” ways… but also in “niche” ways that answer wishes I’ve had as an animator for years.

And the Blender community reminds me of how it used-to feel to be a part of the LightWave community back in the mid '90s when I was working on Bab5 at Netter… …explorers all pulling together to better something we all believed in.

I have to say… I’m falling in love with Blender, and the Blender community.

(And yes, I’m the person that did Kaze: Ghost Warrior. …Those were the days… dreaming of empowering artists and dreamers to being able to make their dreams as filmmakers and animators come true… “power to the artists” and all that… )

That’s really cool, I haven’t heard from a Lightwaver in a long time! Yes, it’s really interesting to see how Blender has evolved over the years, as it’s slowly shaped by the artists and developers.

I have your “CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior” book from years back. I really enjoyed it, and still occasionally pull it off the shelf to look something up. It’s great to have you here on the forums!

Wow, thats some impressive animation. A long render that stands up really well. Is it rendered in Cycles or Blender Internal?

Och, thank you so much! I’m really honored! All those books were labors of love – I learned how to be an animator through the School-Of-Hard-Knocks, and being an animator has been the source of such joy… I hoped that others could experience the same regardless of if they had access to “animation schools” or not.

And thank you, it’s great to be here!

Thanks so much!

It’s Cycles, lit with just a dome image from the location, and one addl spot light to match the window a bit better than just Radiosity alone was doing.

(I’ve just fallen in love with Cycles – it’s so luscious!)