[SIMPLE] Connect Model Parts (Torso, Arms etc) and T-Pose

Hi there,

I have a simple base mesh. I feel like it’s almost there but all my attempts to ‘finish’ the mesh have failed.
The proportions always seem ‘off’ and the core connections (neck, shoulder, hips, knees) look wrong.

Just wondering if someone could help me:

  • Connect the Head, Arms, Torso and Legs together
  • Rearrange the model into a T-Pose
  • Make any adjustments to ‘clean’ the model

Furthermore nice to have (or any feedback on how to):

  • Make the head look less round
  • Make adjustments to make it game optimised
  • Ensure the model is in a good format ‘ready’ for rigging

Seeing as though it is a simple request I might start with the Volunteer section. However I am willing to pay a small fee (under $50) if this belongs in paid work.

blendartisitfile.blend (537 KB)



blendartisitfileattempt.blend (529 KB)blendartisitfileattempt.blend (529 KB)

Hope this works. I’ve just recently started getting back into blender after 3 years, so I’m a bit rusty. I never considered myself very good, so hopefully this is something along the lines of what you wanted.

Here’s what I got. I connected the parts and put the model into a T-pose.
As for cleaning up the mesh, your mesh is pretty clean. The most important thing is that it contains only quads.
To make the head look less round you might pull the back lobe of the skull farther back to make the skull look a little more human if that’s what you’re going for.
Unless you plan on rigging the face, the model is basically ready to be rigged. You will need to use a subsurface modifier, however, because your model doesn’t have enough quads to create a good rig. If you want I can rig the model for you for free but I’m obviously not a professional so you may prefer to rig it yourself.

Hope you like it: blendartisitfile.blend (534 KB)

Sorry. The file I just added has a topology error on the bicep area.
Here is the corrected version: blendartisitfile.blend (529 KB)