Simple Constraint Question

Hey there,

So i’m making a high poly showerhead for demonstration purposes, and I’m confused about how to constrain the lever and nozzles. I’ve attached a picture so you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Basically the nozzles sticking out from the bottom move up and down in a straight path, and how far they stick out depends on which angle the lever on the side is at.

So the lever needs to rotate all the way around… and the nozzles should move up and down… I know i need to use constraints to do this, but i’m a noob when it comes to constraints, someone help!

Thanks, if you need a better explanation or screenshot i can surely post one.



After playing around with the constraints, I’ve found that you should probably use the “transformation” constraint.

I’ve attached a blend file where you must rotate the object “lever” 30° along the X-axis to move the object “head” 5 BU along the Z-axis obove the object “cube”. You should play with the settings and hopefully find what’s right for you. I hope it helps.


constraintexplanation.blend (152 KB)

Koontz - thank you! this is exactly what i needed.

I followed your settings… but for some reason the rotation still has no effect on the nozzles, I’ve attached my .blend if you can figure out why it may not be working if you have time.




prez.blend (341 KB)

Two things:

  1. Apply Scale and rotation to the ‘handle’. The current rotation settings for the object are so large that they are outside the range you have set for the transformation, and having initial rotations also causes confusion about the axis you are rotating around.

  2. In the transformation constraint, make sure the effect you want (Z loc) is lined up opposite the source you are using (X rot). The left hand ‘Destination’ buttons allow you to permute the order of the destination axes, so change the top line from X to Z and enter the required range on that line.

Best wishes,

Attached is a blend file where everything that has been pointed out by MCollett has been fixed. Hope it helps.


prez.blend (343 KB)

Thank you VERY much for all your help with this noob constraint stuff. However I’m not really sure what you’re talking about as far as #1 mcollett, could someone clear it up for me? what specific apply of rotation are you talking about?

Also, how can i make it so the nozzles don’t jump at a certain point in the rotation? basically what settings do i need or need to change to make it so it smoothly goes up and down and the handle affects it during all 360 degrees of its rotation??

Thanks for helping the noob here.