Simple Controlling Question

If someone could help me, it would be great!

I want to add the following keybindings to my active camera while running the game engine:

D -> Turn Right
D Rmb -> Rotate (left) along horizontal axis (“whirl”)

now how to make d to turn right, without being activated as “Turn Right” while clicking RMB + d ?
to achieve the goal: Rmb D -> Rotate exclusivly, without turning right

So far, I’ve added d and RMB as an AND controller to rotate left
to experiment d and RMB as a XOR controller to turn right.
it excludes d from turning while rotating, but also adds RMB as a keybinding for turning.

Very confusing, though it has to be simple, OR?

If you add another rmb sensor and turn on invert connect that to an and controller with d and set that to turn right.

Remember you have a local axis and world axis too. on a horizontal axis you either roll or pitch.
If you roatate on the z axis that would turn your character and you could do that locally with just a keyboard binded to D.

Also you camera axis are not regular axis. click show axis in the property panel to see what I am talking about.

I beleive I did what you wanted with A keyboard(D) and Mouse(RMB–>Invert) —>Motion(Rotate -y)
keyboard(D) and Mouse(RMB) —>Motion(Rotate +z)

The invert helped keep the actions seperate.

Wup, thanks guys!
That state thing is exactly what I was looking for. But no, it wasn’t…

Funnily… :smiley:
I’ve achieved my camera to do some really entertaining hovering up/down/sideways, feels very organic and looks quite fun… by fiddling with some abstract obtions like Xor, Invert and and “Always” Sensor
Now, when I add a “State” Actuator like you described for rotating… Well, the hovering stops of course :frowning:

Very sad.

Wow @ Redikann ! Your solution is quite awesome.

I set it up differently before, only using one RMB sensor, without inverting, which limited my possibilities to scale down the motion value sideways to 1 degree, to not affect the rotation visually.

But your way gets rid of that one ! :slight_smile:


Still having issues with the hovering though, the values of rotation and hovering are added on top of another or even multiplied I don’t know, y movement hovering + y rotation = overload, overtwirling, camera gets crazy.

Might find a way in “isolating” it somehow or automation but well ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot so far! Very cool.

Well one thing you want to remember with states is how to add, set or remove them. You could have one state with generic information and then add a state to get extra functionality and then remove it when your done. But when you set a state your basically removing everything else and only the logic of that state will work. You can also set more than one state to be working when the game starts.

You might want to parent your object to another object and let that object handle the hovering(set it to invisble). So then you can manipulat your camera with out it interfering with the hovering. Just make sure that both objects dont have active physics because you will get wild results if your parented objects reside on top of each other.

Well, my idea, or one coming from a tut I saw just a minute ago, is just to delete everything else besides the camera, hit “record animation” and start the game. :slight_smile:
I could then convert these frames into “delta location”, and it should work, right? Let’s see!
By the way, I’m going super crazy here with adding special moves like Mouse Movement to speed up the current movement (like, Rotate with RMB, whirl the mouse on top of that, super whirl!) :smiley: This is really funny! I wish Blender had an easier way to isolate keybindings from each other though! Cheerio!
PS: About States, I haven’t figured them out yet at all, their purpose… Maybe they might come in handy later. Good idea about that parenting… Interesting solution if everything else fails.

> I’ve definately come to love like Blender today. Never knew about that additional “physics” tab in the game engine, now I know :slight_smile: Worked out to turn the camera into a body (Mass figure lowest, damping fullest) and let it record its movement. WOW!! Thanks Blender. I’m stunned, alot of possibilities open up with this neat great feature. Really. A great versatile software. Got a new one donatin’ soon, I figure…After this project is through :wink:

Well I dont want to beat on states to long, since the topic isnt about them and Monster gave a link to one of his great resources,
but just to try and get some easy laymen terms and I think states are awesome tools.

  1. States help your logic from becoming unmanageable because you can seperate it to smaller chunks that focus on certain task.
  2. Picture your 30 states as buckets of water. You will always have one bucket (but not limited to one) ready when the game starts.
    3.If you choose “Add” as a state setting then essentially your saying I have a bucket I am using and I want to also add this bucket to it. when your done Inside your “Add” state , set some logic to remove it and you will go back to just using your original state.
  3. If you choose “Set” as a state setting your essentially saying, I am going to put all my buckets back into a pile and only use this certain bucket. When your done using this bucket you will have logic inside it that will probaly set your state back to your initial state.

Hello. Thanks for the input so far. It has been very valuable. I’m longing to conquer the logics a bit more, states, states, states… might be a part of it. Mentally I’m in some kind of hurry and try to focus on the controllers at the moment. Maybe they could come in handy to not let motions contradict themselves… I’ll find out.
Just had a night of nightmare and feel pretty surreal atm to be able to start blender at all, my system had become unbootable, completely throwing me off the wall. Next to me the sheets about logic controllers… Completely no progression.

Anyways, succeeded yesterday in converting physical movement into delta rotation, so now I need time to recover mentally from hours of boredom and tackle the logics to make my hover cam roam freely. I will attach a .blend then because I might get proud of it :slight_smile: Well, and a general advice, never shut down your system if you’re trying to do some work. NEEE-VVVVERRRR. Let it run for months.