simple cube and plane collision, without softbodies etc..?

I’m trying to figure out how can I make a cube fall on a plane and bounce from it (like it was a wooden cube, not jelly etc. I added a collision for both, plane and cube, then I added location key and made it ‘fall’ on Y axis. When I press alt+a, the cube goes through the plane, I don’t understand why… Do I have to use softbody and tweak the settings to simulate simple solid cube or am I missing something? Thank you!

There are two types of physics systems in Blender and they do not communicate. One for particles and softbodies. The other is game based rigid bodies dynamics. If you want rigid body physics, you have to use the Blender game engine and use the P-KEY (instead of ALT-A) to “play” the animation. You can record that playback to an IPO so after it calculates then you can use the ALT-A to view the pre-calculated rigid body physics.

There is “regression” suite which contains a lot of sfotbody interaction BLEND files for new users. Go to and pull down the regression test files (it is a separate download from the install). Lot of test files in a single ZIP.

do you need to sim it? just drop a box and watch what it does then animate it. if it is that simple you do not need to simulate it.