Simple Cycles Renders.

I spent a few hours playing around with cycles today. The woman is from daz studio 4, which is free right now (didn’t find much use for it until today). So yea that means I didn’t do any of the modelling, its pretty much just a character I imported. Anyways I just set up this quick scene right here (based off of an architectural photo I found)

I pretty much just spent a couple hours playing around with lighting and the different material presets. here’s a couple of the renders I got

^ This one is probably my favorite

^ another model I imported

Anyways I was just looking for some critiques on what you like or dislike about them, which one you like better, etc… keep in mind I didn’t wait for these to render without noise or anything, I just wanted to get the general feel of how the image would turn out.

I like the first & last but the middle one could use some work, there is no sense of depth on the silhouette, i think it should have at least a little bit of shading.

Nice Render. Two comments.

Figure seems out of scale with Floor / wall texture. Is she a full size figure or toy?

The space between near wall and seated figure feels little tight. When you have simple image like this, the arraignment of visual element becomes more critical. There is handy tool under camera property called Composition Guides. Try using “Thirds.”

@zagony yea, I was trying to figure out a way to get some shading and still have him mostly black, just didn’t find anything I liked. I was also trying to figure out if objects can emit black light, I guess they can’t.

@ridix I was actually basing the composition off of a photograph that I liked. However I think the sense of scale got messed up on the textures, now that I look back I can see that the sense of scale is off, maybe I’ll try tweaking some of that stuff and see how it looks.

thanks for critiques, they are greatly appreciated.

So I edited that middle photo, and got this result, I think I like this better than before, however someone pointed out that it sorta looks like a negative. Not sure if it really does or not.

anyways, moved the camera to sorta work with the rule of thirds, this is what I got on that. (also changed the ground)

and some more variations