Simple deform not working help Ultra Noob here!

Hey so i have been following a course on udemy and im at the part where we make the Cars tires! he proceeds to make the groves on the tire in a plane and then array them around using the Simple deform

my settings are a xerox of his:

after he enters 360* in the simple deform angle his circle turns into a round circumfrance and then he adds a empty and uses Axis to spin it arround

ask 6

when i try the same i am stuck with this shape not a cirle any idea as to why this is happening !

My mesh:

The piece i am trying to array around is the tires grooves

Make sure to set the empty as the axis origin in the simple deform…also make sure that you have applied scale to the treads or it will do strange things…also…you might have to select a different axis for the deform and or the array…
I am going to guess the next step after this is to add a curve modifier…the deform only forms the section of tire tread…the curve modifier along with the array will spin it around the tire.

This is in Blender 2.82 …but it works the same across versions.