Simple Easter Game

This post is from april and was replied to by some one bringing it back to the top of the list.

This is just a VERY simple game I made for the sake of making a game. The controls are simple (arrow keys and a,d for movement and rotation). The game is not ment to be impressive, and i can easily make WAY better. I also included the simple .blend for those mac userers out there.

Broken link

This is a finnished product ill fix glitches if any are found. Otherwise enjoy.

i like it you’re game it’s cool

lol, nice game, its oddly addictive,

simple and easy to play,

do u think u could add a 2 player component to this? so that say wasd controls another bucket with another place to dump them so 2 ppl can compete to see who can get more and say end the game at a certain limit

good job

Cool game. Challenging! I like how the menu plays just like the main game - sort of like a practice session.

Very nice game. I like it.:slight_smile:

Nice game… rather addictive :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies.

ineedanewbi: Good idea, that wouldn’t be hard to do ether.

Oh and i have to say the origonal game was programmed by chaser, but all he had was the moving bucket and white and red cubes droping as well as the score system and base textures, but he had no menu so you just started right away. I programmed and textured everything else including the upgrades and remodling everything to be easter eggs.

I like the menu idea, it reminds me of the Katamari Damacy loading screen… fond memories…

wow! im keeping this one. good job. i just played it for like 15 minutes.

Quite addicting. It needs to be on Xbox Live for Xbox 360.

Hey, I updated the download link. The game now have a two player option (I didn’t have a second player so I couldn’t test for any glitches, so if you find any let me know)

blender rox: lol that would be so sweet. I own an xbox 360 myself so i know what ur talking about.

Remember this is just a simple game and the two player took me less then an hour to do.


cool i like easter i like candy and the bunny that gives me cohocklate

Dude, this post is from April. Check the dates!

Yeah, and not only that, the link is dead.

furthermore, this is from easter, not halloween

link is broken! i would love to check it out so post a link plz