Simple eggy cartoon

I’m having some problems with this simple little project :o.

  1. Many useless faces! how can I join, for example, those over the eyes in the center?

  2. The lips are like a square! Haw can make a better ones?

  3. The eye orbit (hole). I want to make it a little more organic in a “Poor Pluto” style. for expression animation. Any tip will be wellcome.

Thank you very much!

give me a few minutes and I will see what I can do

in the mean time, here is a great tutorial on modeling a face, you could use this technique and have a decent face that is good for animation in a few hours, cause from the looks of the head you sent, it will take a few minutes to get it back on track, so check out this vid, while I check out your file

I am going to make a tutorial on this, because it is really easy with the right technique. I will start on it now, should be finished within a couple of days. I’ll put it up in the tutorials forum.

:slight_smile: Thanks guys. And please, Modron, when you make the tutorial give me the link!

Here’s the link