Simple environment

This is a very simple picture cause I wanted to get better at basics. This is where I am as far as materials in a room and lighting and want very much to learn whatever it is that gives a picture it’s polish/finished look. If anyone could tell me what I could do to improve environments I’d very much appreciate it.

BTW, the textures are from Poliigon.

also, on my search to learn how to polish, is I am following and trying to imitate Reynante’s breakdown video here. So far I have the counter and jar modeled.
My jar:

This is Reynante’s beautiful jar:

I can see he has some pretty beautiful lighting wrapped on the sides. I added an HDR image plus three planes with emission materials. One in front of the jar, one above the counter and one left corner of the image, (my left) But his is much cooler. I don’t have CMV but he has a much different material for his glass as well, it seems to catch the light better.

Really good, are you clampping or denoising? Where did you get the textures?