Simple face

Hello to all
Introduces you my last w.i.p., a simple test with blender…
Good job to all :slight_smile:

Cool, nice character design and impressive modeling!

Thanks for the comments… :slight_smile:

Hello to all :slight_smile:
Continues w. i. p.


Hello to all.
This is simple image of Hunter w.i.p.

He looks kinda old too me… Is he supposed too? Awesome stuff though

A lot of good detail…

Have you animated him?


I suppose it’s sculpted: is possible to see a wireframe, at the first subdivision?
do you plan to create normal maps from the high-resolution model?
congratulation! it’s a lot more than a test :slight_smile:

(sorry, bad english)


Thanks for the comment …

Parafan: Hello, I have not thought to animate it for little time…
Peng You: Ciao Peng, non credo di creare la normal maps… almeno in Blender… :yes:

hello to all , good job

the wireframe is simply perfect.
I like a lot the stuff you added.
Do you already unwrapped it?

i’m looking forward for updates…


Thanks Peng You…