Simple features that could improve the BGE.

I’m meaning stuff Ben2610 could probably code in only a day or two, no major project, just list features that wouldn’t sound like too big of a burden, but could give the BGE a boost.

Blender 2.48 gives us the best BGE we have ever seen, but why stop there, list the simple, but useful improvements you would like to see.

1). Convert all touch sensors to collision sensors, seriously, who uses touch sensors in new projects anymore, having touch sensors in existing projects converted to collision sensors would free up a slot in the name list that you pop up to find the sensor you want.

2). Simple backface and frustum culling for GLSL mode, something that would speed up BGE rendering, but not have the large amount of work needed for advanced culling systems. The frustum culling would be like in older versions, don’t render objects outside of the camera cone. And backface culling would simply be not rendering faces by checking if the normal faces in the same direction as the camera cone because you wouldn’t see it there, also only do that when doublesided is not activated for the face.

I’d like some more python functions to access logic bricks not connected to it…

I’d like a more friendly way to paint texture directly to a model. Someting like the sculpt tool but to paint.

I reckon that a cool feature to the BGE would be an actuator that changed physics, for example you have the small physics pannel in the logic buttons window, it would be like that but in an actuator so you could change physics.

I know this can be easily done with a small amount of python, but it would help a load of people out there.

Is there any way to do that in a way that won’t require a week’s worth of work?

We’re talking about things Ben2610 could code in a day or two here. The BGE can be improved a long way with things that can be done in a short time period.

well, maybe fix the python mist xD

i don’t know how easy this is, but is there currently a way to access objects in other scenes, like an overlay? Because i don’t think there is, and that would be niceeee.

I would like a better in-game text system, you know, formatting a paragraph or a text dialog is a pain, is way too basic for serious game GUI making, I’m not asking anything too fancy either, but a “align to left/right/center” or “justify” would be great.

Note: I’m not asking a in-game text editor, I’m asking a text editor for the text that will appear in the game

OH! Probably really difficult, but DECENT 2-FUCKIN’-D DRAW TOOLS. So i can make my game’s UI down to the friggin pixel.

makin bacon, watch your fucking language :wink:

but well, 2d drawing tools would be neat!

Please use “correct language”…remember that this is a “public” forum, with quite young users!

Guys don’t swear, please try to refrain from using profanity in the forums.

Things that BGE needs:

Recaculate Physics: allowing for objects which have had their geometry changed by an armature or python script to have their physics recalculated according to the new geometry.

Proper Python Moduals: The modual builtin (builtins?) is imported at the beginning of every python script modual and class outside of blender, but in the game engine its not included in the user defined classes. This needs to be fixed.

Access To Edges: We need a way to access and search for edges in python, it would allow for much easier path finding scripts, with minimal changes to the engine.

Sound Needs Fixing: Mac OSX cannot play sound within the game engine. Leaving something like this unfixed for many versions of blender is unnacceptable, I don’t know when it stopped working, but it did, and we need it back.

Threading Implementation: Threads would be very nice to have.

Fixing Any Possible Issue: Every glitch, kink, loophole, error, or unexpected outcome you can fix will be a great help. Blender may be better with apricot, but it’s still unstable and glitchy once a game gets large.

External Engine In Runtimes: It would be nice to be able to release a game free of the gpl. If the game engine was separate from the .blend and just told to open a file to start the game It would easily solve this problem.

Some Sort Of Error Handling: I’ve had too many crashes due to an object being deleted and breaking a piece of logic. If a logic brick or script doesn’t work we should receive an error message and it should be ignored instead of blender destroying itself.

I’m sure there are other things the BGE needs or people just want to see included in it, but these are the biggest glaring issues the BGE has along with horrible overall stability and reliability when it comes to making a large game.

being able to add in objects at points of collision/contact for creating accurate particle systems… currently objects are just added in a the centre of the objects that has been collided with… (having this as an option would be nice)

I second more python access without needing logic bricks.

@cyborg dragon

it might be more cpu intensive to work out which backfaces to cull. Depends on hardware and how good the programmer is :slight_smile:

to speed the game engine up we need a LOD logic brick. This would require more work from the artist though :wink:

Oups sorry!!!

My bad…

I would like to be able to choose IPOs by name in the IPO actuator? Maybe it’s just because I don’t know my way around the engine so well but this seems like it would be a nice feature.

Some better way to show text would be nice too but that seems like it would take a lot of work. How about integrating FTblender into blender or something so we don’t need tthe external program?(If the permissions are given)

This feature already exists. It’s been in there for like more than a year and a half, maybe longer

Feature wise I do agree with the external engine runtime - however I will obstain from asking for anymore features for at least 6 months or so, because I asked for Bullet physics and got it lolz yay =)

simple UI improvements like entering a name for a python script that doesn’t exist in the controller pops a question “script doesn’t exists, do you want to create it? Yes/No”

and an option in the Game Menu to launch the game in BlenderPlayer (in a seperate window) with ‘p’

thats the most annoying thing in the universe, -100. every time i mistype a script name i would get that instead of getting a non-blocking, blender standard error feedback (the box is cleared)