Simple Flight Model

I was thinking the other day about airplane flight model. I looked and found some stuff on here but nothing quite like what I was quite looking for. So I played around with basic forces that are in blender. And im starting to get something that acts somewhat like its flying. It works basically by forward speed = accumated lift (up force). Im likeing the result.

The plane accumuates lift with speed*
The plane will stall*

You can do some neat stuff:

The controls are:

F3 = Increase Power
F2 = Decrease Power
Arrow = controls (up down inverted)

Up/Down pressure is accumulative also…the longer you hold the faster it rotates. Although the flight model is simple to fly…its tricky to pull of manuevers :smiley:

  • The Flight model is very simple. But the code is sloppy im just trying to see how it feels.
  • Everything is very very basic. Im trying different things on this to see what I can come up with. :smiley:
  • The controls are basic…just want to see peoples reaction to the feel.
    Id just like some opinions on the flight controls as they are now…if its too hard to fly…if its too this much or too much that…would basically just like some input on the flight model controls or any tips. Im thinking of making a ‘CropDusting’ game with it :smiley:

fm262.blend (1.23 MB)

Try it out.
Oh, and thanks to RossBlenderArt for the Tree :smiley:

Looks good. One thing you should consider adding to your code is changing the plane’s maneuverability depending on speed. Real planes lose most of their control and turning ability at either low speeds or very high speeds. I can’t tell from your video if you have a maximum altitude, but you could also consider having altitude (i.e. air pressure) effect lift, thrust, and maneuverability. Awesome start!