simple fluid sim keeps crashing

If anyone would be so kind:
I am doing some simple experiments with the fluid sim and every time I try to bake it Blender crashes (4 different 2.5 versions including todays trunk). I’ve tried lots of simplification so I don’t think that’s it. The only thing unusual is animating a controller object’s strength, but I’ve done that recently so I know that is possible. I’ve moved displacement objects out of the fluid object at start incase that is a problem.

Please take a look:


FluidController04.blend (289 KB)

Crashes here also. Nothing in console except “segmentation fault”. Does not crash if you delete the controller. Does it matter that your obstacle and controller objects both jump in the first frames?

Crashes on 29708 on Windows XP64 as well.

Post this file in the bug base to get the bug fixed.


thanks to all for confirming this, I refuse to report an unverified bug.