Simple FPS help

I need to be pointed to good Python tutorials and tutorials for creating simple First Person Shooters. Could anyone help me?

I assume you mean for Blender. Anyway what portions of the game play do you need to be scripted? One resource would be the FPS chapter in the Blender Game Kit. They speak of setting up the controls and the launching of rockets with trailing smoke. It is an impressive example although lacking in any kind of enemies.

Alternatively there is a free e book for learning Python. It assumes you have programmed in other lower level languages (C, C++, Java, etc) but doesn’t totally leave the novice out. This will teach the language obviously and will provide examples that may inspire what you need for a game. Game programming is, however, not discussed.

Hope this helps.

Here is the best FPS script i have seen so far made by z3r0_d. :smiley:

I have to say thanks again z3r0_d most of the scripts i use in my game development are made by you. :wink: