Simple game -- Cube Panic (2.47) Updated 9/21/08!

Game requires Blender 2.47, will not work in 2.46.

Update: Changed graphics, controls, and made it impossible to fall off the edge.

Update 9/21/08 : Added some more graphics updates and a new kind of cube. The green cube won’t become infected by touch of your character, but only by other infected cubes. Also added various gameplay tweaks so that the game can last much longer, but still gets harder at an acceptable rate.

The game is updated quite a bit. Let me know what you think of everything!

Original post:
Hey everyone,

I just made a really quick, simple game in the past hour and wanted to put it out there. The goal is to keep the number of “alive” cubes (blue ones) below 30. When you touch a cube, it gets “infected” and can “infect” other blue cubes as well. The longer you last, the faster cubes are added.

Use the arrow keys to play!

203.16 is my high score! Try and beat it!



cubePanicv05.blend (87 KB)

Nice game! :slight_smile:
Very simple and fun
Edit: I fell off the plane, try making the borders higher

I got to 185.

You could make a 2 player section where player 1 has to infect and player 2 to has to cure the cubes.

How did you make the make the cubes fade, was it with the colA ipo? Because I tried this and couldn’t do it.

I got to around 120 before my character went through the wall. Its pretty fun for a simple game.


nice game

Lol fun! I got to 183

looks fun, but it doesn’t seem to work in 2.46

what version was it made in?

2.46? Definitely works, what problems are you having?

Layers 1 and 2 have to be active, make sure that they are before it plays, you may have deactivated a layer by accident.

Thanks for the feedback though! I’ll release an updated version with new stuff soon methinks, whenever I have some non-homework time.


When I tried it with 246, only [left] and [down] arrows worked. If [up] or [right] was pressed, the ball would disappear. In 247 all was ok. Nice game by the way.

Its very nice game

Yeah, same problem. But still, nice game. I love simple concepts that get completed.

202.25!!! :eek:

Nearly beat you! Very fun :smiley:

108 then fell off.

EDIT: infected 5 cubes at one time!

Whoops, got my versions mixed up. Yes, this requires 2.47, as it uses servo motion and states. I’ll edit my original post.

Very fun for such a simple game (meaning objective/goal). For some reason the sphere that you control seems to fly up and will go over the cubes/wall everyonce in a while, which means you lose because you can’t do anything, and that you are losing valuable time. I almost beat your score then I flew off.

Its pretty funny to see the cubes endlessly becoming infected when you finish the game. Though I noticed after a while the “live” cubes start to jump up fall off the plane. Though it doesn’t affect the game it’s self, its just something I noticed.

Edit: I like andrew- 101’s idea that would be really fun.

Hey guys, I updated the graphics, controls, and made it impossible to fall off the edge. Let me know what you think!

199.63 my highest score. Nice game!

Mines 202.34


204.23 If my new one…This game is so Addicting! Great…Maybe you could make levels…like Level one you have to keep it under 30cubes for 30seconds then level 2 it goes up 25cubes and 60seconds ect ect…

Awesome game. Love it.
I made 185. Adrenaline rush!!!


cool I lasted 204. I like the cartoon shading though