Simple game in 5 days? (totally new to game engine)

Hello, everybody! Despite my number of posts, I have been using Blender for about 6 or 7 years now. However I don’t know anything about the game engine. I would like to know if it is possible for someone like me - who is quite good using Blender, but don’t know anything about the game engine - to create a simple “game” in 5 days? The game is really simple, just one character walking around in a small street. I have some material to study, however I won’t do it if it is impossible (^_^’) I have some more things to do.

I made a simple one where you guide a ball through a maze from a tutorial in a an hour. Ill post the link when I find it. :wink:

It is most certainly possible. in fact, I made my whole game Moonlight in 17 days (about 25 hours), and it’s relatively complete. :slight_smile:

Once you become really experienced with the game engine, you could probably make a great game in a week. (2-3 hours/day)

But then again, it all has to do with your inspiration. :slight_smile:

Got it! Here you go…

Yeah the physics and logic bricks in blender make it so easy to create simple games quickly. It gets a bit more difficult with larger complex games because you basically are adding complex functionality through python scripts.

Thanks for the tutorial, Siike92. I did it and it was very easy. Now I have to make something similar with an articulated character.

Well if you dont sleep you could get alot done!! Im working on a game thats been in the works for 2 years and still isn’t even 50% finished. So depending on the quailty and size of the game 5 days is not alot of time to make a good game.

OMG!! :o

Don’t be discouraged, it is certainly possible. If you work hard, and you put a lot of effort in, it is VERY possible to finish a good game in 5 days, working 2 hours a day.

I can say I have learned the basics. Now I must improve it, so I would like to know if the game engine support this types of texture maps: nor, spec, csp, hard and raymir.

Second question: how to make shadows (like in the skategirl demo)? I tryed to use a raytrace spotlight and the old spotlight, but none of them worked out.

3rd question: Is it possible to bake a radiosity solution over an UV textured map?

Edit: Shadows OK!

it’s alctually funny to see how some big games have problems with bugs that can’t be fixed and if can be fixed then it would take months.
In blender you can make an object act different with logic bricks so easily.
too bad it’s hard to make an online game.

First question: No
Third question: Not that I know of…You have to redo the texturing after you use radiosity.