Simple GameEngine rig with rigify

Is it possible to make a SIMPLE game engine rig with rigify, and if it is, then how can this be done? Especially if the rig is intended to be used for low poly.

The issue with rigify and game engines is that rigify usually has two bones per limb, those bones stretch, and game engines tend not to like it, especially if animation is developed for retargeting.

(My) definition of simple rig:

  • One deform bone per limb segment. Meaning one per upper arm, one per lower arm, and so on.
  • Tweak bones optional and can be disabled or are disabled by default.
  • Foot rig can be created without heel/toe bones.
  • IK chains are created by default with IK targets and pole targets. Ideally pole targets should not alter rest pose in default position.
  • FK chain can be disabled by default.
  • 2 segment spine.
  • No breast bones and other adjustments like that.
  • Fingers optional
  • Eyeballs optional
  • Face disabled.


Excxpet with IK targets for hands and feet (HandIk, ElbowTarget, FootIK, KneeTarget)

Pretty basic as you can see.

Last time I tried to use rigify model for unity, I gave up on it, and currently I am creating all rigs by hand from scratch, which tends to be more time consuming then I’d like.

Can a simple rig like that be created with rigify?

I have used rigify to create animations for UE4, as have many others. I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but it works fine if you use it correctly. Rigify isn’t really doing anything special. The results are the same as if you’d done it by hand.


Aside from unreal engine, there’s unity, and unity has its own humanoid targeting system called Mecanim, which expects the input I specified.

Additionally with or without unreal engine, I still would like to know how to create simple rig by specifications I described using rigify. Meaning simpler configuration than rigify’s default.

Well there’s your problem, trying to use built-in armatures. Look, if you want rigify to work with that, you’re going to have to go to some extreme measures, or use addons that deal with it for you. What I did was duplicate the UE4 skeleton, match the meta rig, reparent the built-in bones to the metarig and then generate the rig. The matching armature is then constrained to the duplicated bones for animations. Make sure only the correct bones are deform = true for export. It’s a lot of work, but it can be done that way.

In my opinion, this kind of approach is counterproductive and defeats the point of using rigify. As the point is not to do “a lot of work” in the first place.

The plugin was advertised as “constructor” where you can assemble/generate different rig from pieces.

Now, does anyone here know how to use rigify to generate simplified rig like the one I described?

It is not advertised as a means to rig a deforming skeleton of any structure you see fit to have. That said, you can change some of the parameters of the generated rig by selecting the parent bone of the metarig. Maybe that will be enough for what you want.

Show me where it says you can make something compatible with another arbitrary rig of your choice. It doesn’t. If you want that, you have to make it work.

I believe this is no longer related to my original query. Which asks how to build a rig under specific requirements, using rigify.

Have a nice day.