Simple Gangplank Animation

I just modeled this quick and dirty gangplank for a ship and I am wanting to animate it to open and close. Would I use an armature to animate it and if so how?


Ship.blend (133 KB)

If you need to animate it over and over, use an armature. It’s a pretty simple setup. If you just need it to happen once in an animation, you could just keyframe it in different positions.

If you want to use an armature, just stick a one at the base with its root as the rotation axis of the plank (almost certainly its edge where it swivels from) and assign all the vertices to the bone. Rotating the bone will do the trick.

See attached .blend. If you want ot be really fancy you can set it up so that rotating one will automatically rotate the other to an appropriate position. You could also set up some soft body goals for the plank so that the end vibrates automatically when dropped or bounced on.


Ship.blend (138 KB)