Simple Garden Hose

Hi everyone,

This is my first non-noobish attempt at a good render. I couldn’t think of what to make, so while looking around, I decided to try modelling a hose, to see if I could get it to wrap right etc. I have uploaded the wire and a render. I have no clue on where to place the lamps, if someone can point me to a tut or tell me how, that would be great!

A render:


Now, I know what you’re thinking, Geez, you can see the bends in that hose! I know, I didn’t want to subsurf it yet because I knew the render would take a lot longer. I plan on adding some grass using particles, Making the wall in the back to be brick, and adding a texture + normal map to the hose.

So far this has taken me about a half hour to make, it took maybe five minutes to render.

So, this is my first adventure into rendering, please tell me everything I did wrong so I can fix it!

Thanks for lookin’,

Your shadow on the wall might be a little sharp, and the scene might be a little bright, but that will be more or less noticeable after adding more environment. So I say good job and keep building your scene, once that’s mostly done, then you’ll want to consider changes to your lighting and composition.
good job so far.

yo made this harddd for yourslef …well at least i tihink u did…did u make the hose out of a cylinder or a “path” thing??cause if u didnt use a path then that mustave been hard…

Thank you scdelf for the reply! I still need some help with the lamps, I have no clue where to place them or what settings to put them on.

Wow, Blender Spartan, we posted at the same time, lol. That doesn’t happen very often! I made a circle, moved it away from its center, and used the thingy to make it rotate, kinda like a half torus. Then I adjusted the vertices in a slope, duplicated, rotated, and moved down a half step, removed verts, duplicated, rotated etc. How would I use a “path” thing?

Great work! It’s going to super when texture!