Simple GIF Animation with Blender 2.55 and Gimp


I just finished a tut, how to make a very simple GIF Anim with Blender 2.55 (and Gimp).
It’s not for absolute newbies, but at beginners level.

Take a look at it, if you like. Feedback is welcome.

German Version:

English Version:

Thank you.

tut is epic fail

Good tutorial. Thank you!

@ superhero

can you tell me what to make better?
just to say it’s shit doesn’t help me at all.

rofl the tut is very good very well documented, but whats the point of rendering as jpeg and than compiling as gif in gimp unless your going to post process each frame in gimp frae by frame ,thats alot of time wasting.
when instead you can just use blender vse ,nodes to post process and render to avi or quicktime and just convert it to gif on the fly with a free video converter.

Of course rendering direct to avi (without need for using the blender video editor) and use mplayer or alike to produce the gif is also a possibility.

This tutorial is for people, who are just through the Mancandy level. My intention was to keep things easy. Using Gimp is easy - in my opinion and you have full control about every frames display length. I should have mentioned it - you can set the display time for every frame individual in the layers dialog.

Another reason NOT to render directly into avi is that single images are quite more handy. You can check images for mistakes, you have more freedom in post processing, and so on. I never use direct avi rendering.

The time needed for opening the images in gimp and saving them as gif is not so much more than importing an avi in a video editor and render them to gif. Most video editors even don’t support gif - kdenlive, kino, lives, pitivi. The result of the mpeg conversion looks grainy.

Once again: with gimp things stay simple, results are good, and you have control about every frame.

…slowly I get the point.

In the description to open all images as layers, I wrote “Select all rendered pictures”. Thus, I meant: “open them all at once”.
Maybe the description wasn’t clear enough at this point. I didn’t mean to open the images one by one. Make people click until their fingers crumble away…

This would really be time consuming, thats true.
I added “all at once” in point eleven to leave no chance for misunderstandings. The german translation is (hopefully) clear in that point.

Thank you for feedback.

Hey Linoprit how ya doin?

I didn’t actually watch your video because I didn’t need to, but what I did take from your description was that Gimp could make animated gif’s.

I was looking for a free program that can make animated gif’s and the only ones I found gave poor results. Gimp however gives great results. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks maan!!!