Simple Head Mesh Smoothing

Ugh, I know you probably are all sick of seeing threads asking about improvements to a head, but I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me what areas need to be improved.

This mesh will hopefully be used in an animation, but some issues still need to be resolved. Following are two images, one of the mesh, and one of a quick render. The problems I am having basically have to do with the realism of the mesh (the texturing comes later so just simply structure for now). The mirror modifier (which will probably be removed later when armatures are setup) leaves a “crease” of sorts on the front of the head. It’s blatently obvious on the rendered image and even more obvious when rotating around in the 3d view. Does anyone have any ideas how to remove this (each time I try to play with it it always either comes out too flat, the crease is still visible, or I end up with a whole lot of vertices on the front of the face which I don’t want.)

Second, is this mesh realistically animatable? I’ve been reading about when people create their meshes that if the edge loops are not lined up properly it can create for some unrealistic distortions when the armatures are applied. I really don’t want to start over again (this is the third or fourth time that I’ve started again), but if I have to, so be it.

Third, besides the ears, what would you change about the mesh? This is supossed to be a female so keep that in mind. Thanks, and please, be blunt, tell me what’s wrong.

Nice mesh you have there !
When modelling a head, from time to time i switch to top view to control the angle which the both halfes of the forehead build. If you take a look at yourself in a mirror, you’ll find, that a human face is quite flat actually… that might be one reason for the “crease”…Do you use the limit-feature of the mirror modifier ? If not, that might be another reason for the crease.
If you are going to animate the head, you might want to reduce the number of edge loops a bit. If there are to many loops, mesh deformation tends to look artificial IMO and it’s more difficult to get good looking shape keys. Try to reduce edge loops where they’re not really needed to add detail to the mesh (use ALT Right Click to select loops and XKEY -> Edge Loop) you’ll find, that there are really a few loops you really need to get the basic shape. Add loops only where you want to add more detail. Take a look at Calvins current wip (“modelling a girls head” or the like). That’s a very different style of course but it’s the best example how few loops are really needed …
Keep up the cool work !!!