Simple House Tutorial

I posted this tutorial on another forum and was just looking for some comments.

As I received a few PM’s asking me how to model a house I made a quick tutorial, so here it goes. First of all open up Blender or any 3d modeling program. These instructions are for blender, but can be used in any 3d modeling application. This will also run you through the basics of some of the key commands in Blender.

  1. Open up blender.

  2. Select the default cube, and go into edit mode.

  3. Turn the view to front view, and put it on face select mode.

  4. Press “A” to select the whole cube.

  5. Press “S” then “X” to scale the cube on the X axis.

  6. Press “4” to scale it 4 times the amount on the x axis.

  7. Do the same for the Y axis, but only scale it 3 times the amount.

  8. Do the same for the Z axis, but only scale it 2 times the amount.

  9. Grab the top face of the mesh and press “E” to extrude it.

  10. Right click to end the extrusion where it started.

  11. Press “S” then “1.15” to scale it 1.15 times the amount.

  12. Press “E” then “4.5”.

  13. While grabbing the top face press “Shift-D” to duplicate it.

  14. Press “G” then “X” then “12” to move it on the X axis.

  15. Press “E” then “.01”.

  16. Press “Control-R” then align the purple line so that it connects the 2 smaller sides.

  17. Go in edge select mode.

  18. Select the top, middle line on the duplicated face.

  19. Press “G” then “Z” then “4”.

  20. Select the whole duplicated mesh and press “G” then “X”, then “-12”.

  21. In front view make another cube.

  22. Select the front face and press “G”, then “Y”, then “1.7”.

  23. Press “S”, then “.88”.

  24. Press “E”, then “.2”

  25. Select the window, and press “G”, then “Z”, then “5”.

  26. Press “G”, then “Y”, then “3.29”.

  27. Press “Shift-D”, then “G”, then “X”, then “3.8” (You can add more windows if you want, but I won’t cover it in this tutorial. Just use the same technique as before.)

  28. Press “Shift-D”, and then right click.

  29. Press “G”, then “Z”, then “-5”.

  30. Press “S”, then “Y”, then “1.47”.

That’s the whole tutorial, but if you want to you can add planks along the walls to make it look like its being supported. I hope this helps someone, and please post the finished model if you did it.