Simple House

I know, I know, the lighting sucks but I am a beginner of intermediate so I’m not that good yet.

Link to full-rez pictures: >>ClickHere<<

I would like an x/10 please.

Front view

Left-diagonal view

Right-diagonal view

Un-rendered view

Not bad, but brighter lighting or just a brighter image would be nice. Doesn’t look bad, 6/10.

Thank you! As I said in my previous post, the lighting does suck. Right now, I’m aiming to be more experimental than perfectionist right now. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Use one low value Hemi light and one Spot light pointed at the house. Also it would look better if you could see the textures more. You could(in the “map to” section under material) map it to a nor value then increase the value to around .80. Good picture anyway though.

hey i think you have suggested good ideas but i would like to add something qualitative and essential…try to use those things which are somehow useful for you as well as for your house…make them useful and try to make thema s mch essential as you can