Simple human model with little to no detail

Hey there. This is my first thread in this forum. I’ve been getting into Blender as an hobby lately and “learned” modeling and rigging to an extent. but I really can’t wait to start animating with some simple humanoid characters, so I googled around a bit and found a lot of excellent models, but none had all the things I need.
So my request is very simple. Either link me or model me a simple humanoid model with
A) No ears, nose, mouth or eyes (just the general human head shape).
B) Fingers. please give me some fingers.
C) Low poly count. the style I’m going for in my first animation is simplicity, wich fits my current skills.

A massive thank you to anyone who can make this happen!
(I’m Italian so grammar might not be perfect, have mercy pls)
Have a good day!
It’ll only take you a minute to simplify the head if you want

Hi Jaco,

Check out this file. It’s of a minimal human; a base that once affected by a subdivision modifier allows you to control the amount of detail/smoothness as you may need. It doesn’t have fingers but those shouldn’t be too hard to extrude. Since it’s only a continuous skin, it needs to be paired with a basic human bone structure. I hope you can use it.

ADNA_fig_bod_003.blend (891 KB)

Try to google “Human base mesh model download”