Simple interior

(camara) #1

This a small interior I worked on just to get again in to 3D after some time away doing more boring things.:frowning:
This is inspired by the work of the 3D master Bernard Benoit and the photographer Ditte Isager.
I know that there are some errors but was just to refresh my 3D skills.
Modeled in Blender, rendered in Thea Render.


(|MM|) #2

Look cool, and I love Klimt!

(Kemmler) #3

very nice looking rug.

(Kramon) #4

like photos so perfect.

love that warm light <3

(camara) #5

Thanks! I glad you like it!
|MM|, Klimt is one of my favorite painters.
Kemmler, the rug is based in this Bernard Benoit tutorial:
and the rug patch instanced in Thea.

(kilbee) #6

yes, lighting is very nice, well done

(Alain) #7


Very nice Renderings ! I remember your stuff done with Luxrender :slight_smile:

Did you ever gave Cycles instead Thearender a chance ?

Kind regards

(camara) #8

I still use Luxrender. It´s a beautiful piece of software. :yes:
I bought a Thea license, because is a full feature render package like any comercial render should be. And the ability to choose from bias to unbias render modes is wonderful.

About Cycles, I’m playing with it. It´s very good but it still lacks some features. It´s young.
The only drawback for me, is the node system. Is very flexible but not very artist friendly. When I see some node setup in this forum…:eek:
I’m an artist not a coder, if I want bump I don’t want to know that is math node set to mutiply in the displacement socket. :slight_smile:

(arquitectos) #9

Great images!

Imagens fantásticas. Fizeste bem em comprar o Thea. É sem dúvida um bom software a optimo preço. O Benoit é também o tipo que melhor trabalha para mim. Acho que lá chegarás certamente. O thea permite-te trabalhar a tempo e sem ruído. O luxrender é fixe mas precisamos de grande hardware. E estas tuas imagens estão muito melhores que as do luxrender que tinhas.
Eu agora só uso o vray e o yafaray, este último precisamente pelo photon map que é sem dúvida muito bom e é à borla. O vray porque o exporter tá perfeito no blender e a licença do evermotion é barata.
Um abraço e continua a mandar imagens fantásticas.

(camara) #10

Thanks, arquitectos!

Obrigado pelo retorno positivo. É sempre importante.

Continuo a achar a luz produzida pelo Luxrender como a mais bonita de todos os renders e não consigo perceber porquê. Mas o Thea realmente é muito mais rápido.

Um abraço.

(davidraju) #11

good work…really very cool and nice looking

(Bhavin) #12

I am very agree with you. And very beautiful renders, well done.

(Yoshimi) #13

looks good well done