Simple(ish) Shed Scene

Hi, I’ve been using Blender for a few years now but I have never posted any of my projects. I just want to know what you think of the picture and what you think I could add\improve on:eyebrowlift: Thanks


I think you need to flatten your land a bit and try tweaking the “AccZ” under physics in particle sys.
also you need to do something with the sky like adding a plane with texture behind the scene.

other than that I think the model looks good and your textures are nice.
just one last thing, I think you need to try and show your whole building :wink:

Thanks AdobeMan, when you say add a plane with texture behind the scene do you mean mountains, trees etc. or clouds? Yes I agree that the grass looks a bit prickly so I will change it. Thanks for the useful tips.

when you say add a plane with texture behind the scene do you mean mountains, trees etc. or clouds?

yes, i’d try for just the sky with a small mountain line in the distance though.
also in case you didn’t know
you can play with this as well to achieve some nice effects

camera is way too close to the grass, its a nice effect but just way too distracting…

looks waaay too hilly, but other than that might add a door or somthing maybe one of those metal tube chimneys, looks freaking awesome might clean up some some repetitive textures with that new projection paint thing, maybe some gutters?

Thanks guys, I will make some changes later this week

the hills are a bit large, but i dont think that’s the problem, if you look at the proportions, the grass compared to the size of bricks, it looks like monster-size grass, maybe sthinner grass or more definition in the hills or slightly lower.

Overall, gj I like, good use of mdepth blur an all

the grass needs to be more flowy if you know what I mean

The image is reasonably well-composed, and well-lit with sufficient details in the shadows.

Really the only “problem” with it is that the grass is out-of-scale. But you know, I don’t think that a real-world photographer would select that camera-angle: it’s just too low. And if he did have to use that angle, he’d choose to use a slow film so that he could open the shutter really wide to get a shallow depth-of-field … putting the otherwise objectionable grass out-of-focus.

If you did this thing in layers, you could blur the grass and be done.

Yeah I definitely agree that the grass is out of proportion, I will try and address that tomorrow. Thank again for your comments

I finally go around to making some changes to the render and below is what I’ve done. I would still like to make the roof texture a bit more random but I wanted to know if anyone knew a way to randomize it without manually editing it in photoshop? Thanks in advance. :smiley: