simple(-ish) vehicle models for boardgame prototype

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a boardgame prototype and need some custom miniatures that can be 3D printed.

The job is to build 6 (at least for now) vehicle models. Once printed, they will probably only be about an inch in length, so I’m not looking for something incredibly detailed. The theme is a car combat styled game (think Twisted Metal), so they are basic, low-polygon vehicle models with some small guns, missiles (etc) for detail. That’s it, I don’t see this being a very big job.

Would prefer someone who is Canada-based, if only because the exchange rate is brutal right now and I’m trying to keep costs down, but I will pay a fair price as I’ve always believed in paying artists for their work.

If you’re interested, PM me with some images of your other work, and I can share some of the art designs and we can talk dollars and cents!

Thaaanks! :slight_smile:

What’s the budget?

Hi - this is where I was hoping the community could maybe point me in the right direction, since I’m not familiar with the kind of work 3D modeling (especially for pieces like this) would entail.

If this helps, here are some quick sketches, and images for reference. I don’t know what the industry standard is for pricing something like this. I don’t want to pitch an insulting price - but is $30 Canadian each in the ballpark at least?

They will only be small pieces once printed, so I’m just looking for general shapes, and the occasional little details to set the pieces apart. For example, a police SUV below would have a basic truck shape, with an added siren and brush guard - maybe some text embossed if that’s not a huge addition. Bigger things like details on the tires would be a want, but not a need.

weapons would essentially be the same for all vehicles. We’re sketching out two or three variations that would just end up being re-used, and stuck on the different vehicles in different places to save time and effort.

Hey ericrobic,
hit me up on Fiverr and lets make this idea a reality!

Hello Ericrobic, if you need models ready for 3d printing i can definitly help you.

I have acces to 3d printers in a workshop in Paris and i use Blender to produce models.
I know 3d printing constraints. I’m also 3d generalist

The idea to create vehicules for a board game looks very interesting, i want to know more about it !

For princing i can make a pack and put the models on sketchfab so you can have a look and give me some feedback.

Let me know what you think about it, thank you.

Léonard Doye

Here is my contact: [email protected]

Thanks everyone, I’ve reached an agreement with a user for the work.

I have access to a 3d printer if you are in need of prototyping
location is Cincinnati, Ohio USA.