Simple Isometric Lighting Help

Hey all,

I would really appreciate if someone could help me replicate a simple, low poly isometric lighting style in Blender Cycles. Here is my image:

and here is Guillaume Kurkdjian’s (the one I’m using as a reference):

I already have the house model and scene ready, I just want someone to edit the sun lamp, world settings, and nodes to make my version almost identical to his. The only thing I don’t want changed are the materials! You can edit them a tiny bit, but try not to. Here is my .blend reference_lighting.blend (2.13 MB)

Don’t know if this is any better but good luck.

Used Filmic blender and changed a few settings.
reference_lighting.blend (2.16 MB)

Still need help on this! Thanks to anyone who tries.

Not sure if this helps. Turned the size setting waaaaay down on the sun lamp. I remembered somewhere size of the lamp affects the sharpness of the shadows.

Is there any reference? Any particular styles?