Simple Kiosk

This is a very simple kiosk I’ve been modelling, it is very common in Brazilian parks. I don’t know if it is common in other countries, so I thought a little bit of explanation was needed, and I am sorry if it was not. Anyway, this is my first render on Cycles, and I have yet to get used to it. All kinds of criticism and opinions are welcome, and I apologize for my not-so-good-as-it-should-be English.

Here’s an update

The word “kiosk” here is completely different compared to what they call it over in Brazil. A kiosk is a small mobile shop that sells products inside of malls. What you have made is something that we call, here in the USA, a gazebo. It’s an outdoor structure that can be used for most outdoor activity from simply hanging out for a picnic or as part of a large event.

Anyway, that’s about enough of culture exchange. So far I can tell that the columns and the floor is bump mapped, but it seams around the meshes perfectly. It’s as if you you made the bricks personally. I don’t know about the fountain being there, but what do I know about what things are made in Brazil? So I’m going to move on to the benches.

The first and last plank of wood could be curved at the ends to give it a bit of appeal. Everything else looks fine. I look forward to the back ground setting.

In Brazil, we use “kiosk” for both gazebos and kiosks, now that I know what a gazebo is. Anyway, yes, the floor is bump mapped, but the columns are not; I made four simple circular bricks and used an array modifier along with an Empty, so the bricks would rotate. Gazebos in Brazil tend to be very simple, but why would I bother to model it, if not to add a little something, right? Thank you very much for your reply!

Ah, looks like I learned something today. So an array/empty combo. Ingenious. Never would have thought of that. Gazebos can be just as plain here stateside. But, I see your point.

Another update

This the house I modeled to compose the scene

And this is the disaster I made with it.

Really nice work here. The bricks on the floor are way too big. Make them 1/3rd the current size, I think. If you want to make a puddle of water on the floor, then use the displacement modifier or the new Cycles Displacement feature, and that way the bricks’ geometry will poke through the water and make it look realistic. Lastly, you need dirt. Dirt is what makes outdoor scenes look real. Small amounts in the right places, some weathering of the wood and bricks, makes all of this come nicely together. Nice house too, BTW.

So, I did as you said, but I can’t handle true displacement in my PC. Thank you, I had never made a house before.

I had thoughts of making a grass field to serve as my background, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it nicely. I do, however, have other ideas for my scene, and I think they will be easier.

No, don’t give up like that. Grass is very easy to do, and there are loads of tutorials.

Yeah, but I didn’t give it up because it was hard, I gave it up because my PC couldn’t render it!

Ahhh, fair enough.