simple light bulb

Modeled and render in blender internal
just to exercise the renderer

nice, how about an unlit version?

Looks good, but the purple light, i believe there is, is more confusing than its contributing.
as the first one use a lot of node to achieve the lighting effect, i give a try to indigo. I will render it in blender internal too later

Nice work:P

Nice, but try to dimm the light, it´s to much

Umm, “sorry, but…” I have never in my entire life seen a “real” light-bulb that looks remotely like either of these two images…

In the first case, the base of the bulb is quite realistic, but everything above it is “just ‘light,’” not “a solid object that is ‘lit.’”

In the second case … well … “just look at it.”