Simple logo for our fun-clan

First post of a finished thing. Just a simple logo for our esport activities:

For now only used as server-watermark in 128x128.

It looks nice and professional, I can’t really see anything wrong with it.

Although, maybe you could add engravings of each of your clan members down the side or something, but you probably wouldn’t be able to read it when it’s resized to 128x128. :-?

Nice logo work on that piece, maybe make it look a little more shiny. :slight_smile:

German army stuff always make me feel uncomfortable.
Anyways it looks cool. I like the very soft lighting.
Keep it up.

Thanx for commendation and critsicism.

Wiggie: I really like your idea with the engraved clan members, might give it a try with a bigger version for the upcoming web-site.

Kansas_15: I think the level of shininess will differ with the angle of view or maybe I should add a subtile glow.

IgorSandman: I am sorry that I make you feel uncomfortable. It was not my intention to offend anybody. It should have been not typical german army stuff - just armee stuff in common, I wanted to create something that fits into the time period and the content of the game.

i dont think he was offended, he just said it made him uncomfortable.

nice logo.