Simple Logo Request

Hello, recentely I start a project to launch a MMORPG.
Also, I have a little and easy request:

I want a logo with name of project “Literion” with:
-Color to be a nice, light(but not to much) green
-L and R to be a little bigger and R to be reverse, not to be R, and to be from right to left.
-To be down a dashed line connecting L with R and where line is “broken” and where is broken to be arrows like this: and to be blacks and to be from R to L
-Background to be transparent
-Size really doesn’t matter because I can resize after, only to don’t be too little

I hope I explain clear.
Thanks, Have a nice day and happy Christmas

Hi DegX,

I’d try for the project but I have a few questions:

  • What theme would you like for the logo?
  • Do you mean dashed line as in “_ _ _” or " ___ ___" (multiple breaks or 1 break only)?


i’m interested, but must also say that i didn’t comprehend everything you were trying to state. could you draw a sketch on a piece of paper, illustrating what you had in mind? that sure would help a lot. a sample of the shade of green you are looking for would also be nice, as well as any preference for the font type. should there be shadows, reflections, etc?

So I drew some quick stuff in PS

Is this anything like what you are looking for?