Simple Lounge Room

Hey all!

Here’s a scene I did as a free tutorial for The Architecture Academy:

The aim was to make a lounge room that was simple enough to fit into an hour long tutorial.
Furniture was modelled by myself, Anderson Alves Baptisa and Rob Garlington as part of The Architecture Academy model pack.

Here’s the tutorial for anyone that wants to take a stab:

Andrew Price


not bad however the floor needs a lot of work. that reflections on the right down corner ;x

Hmm, I think those reflections very accurately represent the material of laminate flooring.

i have such type of floor in my room and i would say no.

Sorry i disagree, mine have the same reflections

Wood floors will vary depending on the type of sealant used. Even the temperature at the time of sealing will affect the gloss.

hm my dosn’t have so big bump map and i think it could be more sharper (bump)

Good idea Mr. Price bringing the academy to life.Awesome render.
Your tutorials are the fundamentals in blender for me,
especially the text summary ones…(yeah im one of those who dont have time)

Something is bugging me , tell me please what is that ?

I believe they were talking about their simulation but yeah wood coloring and reflection depends on how its done, quite literally. I have a newly designed house and as one room’s floor was applied at a different date and cooler temperature than the previous floors [construction issue] it’s different in appearance than the rest of the real house. Quite annoying in a way.

Mr. Price got to say very impressive. Particularly like the little touch on the book and it’s title given as to what this scene & tutorial is exemplifying.

Beautiful as always Andrew.

Haha what is that retarded painting doing up on the wall.

The render looks good but nowhere near photo real.

Is this rendered with Amiga 500 ? Looks like onscreen game graphics (like Sims). Very much antialiasing issues and noisy aswell. Chairs material is supposed to be fabric or leather ? Its looks like metal now.

Also the window is bugging me. It should be overexposed since it is an indoor shot.

That’s quite the exaggeration.

Maybe my eyes are broken but I think it looks pretty good. The only thing that bothers me is the wood is a little too bumpy for my tastes. I think wood floors in real life are a lot less bumpy than people seem to think.

The aim was to make a lounge room that was simple enough to fit into an hour long tutorial.

And, you did it well.
Thank you for the tutorial.
I may not agree with some parts of this tut, but it’s always a pleasure to watch someone else working with blender.

That’s quite the exaggeration.

Indeed so, especially this mention of antialiasing issues. How so? Didn’t bother to click on the preview image?
There is a serious issue, in the BA creation of preview images.

Looks great! Though from the images I’ve seen so far from this upcoming course, I hope you’re not charging as much for this as you were the Nature Academy, because I thought the renders in that course were a bit better. Nature seems to be your strong suite, which is probably why the exterior architectural renders you’ve produced look to me like the best of the renders you’ve released for this course so far.

love how everyone is bitching on Andrew hahahaaaa…Looks really good to me, and the fact that all the stuff in this tutorial has been made free to the blender community is a nice gesture!

And whoever said it looks like sims…really? :slight_smile:

Andrew has done alot for the blender community over the past couple of years, I think perhaps people should be a little more grateful!

hello andrew this is sai, new to blender i have seen your website and lounge tutorial …, and i tried my self using your tutorial but in my scene when i render with 500 samples and all settings you described still i am getting noise on white walls please give me suggestion and i have tried all possibilities please reply me