• Use the mouse to select an option (screenshot doesn’t show the mouse).
  • Complete with startup animation, background physics, textures and Photoshop files included to easily customize the buttons!

Released under the CC License only thing i ask for is credits!

Brave. :wink:

yo, i like it a lot! i’ve gotta read the code and see how you did the mouse over effect, i’ve never bothered learning…
also, i see it’s version .1, so if you’re looking for ideass… i was thinking, a lot of the things in the background are too dark to see. it’d be cool if moving the mouse moved a light that illuminated the boxes in the back.

Good stuff! Im gonna use it in my game.
P.S. - i’ll do it in a heartbeat but do you want (or expect) creds?

Thanks :). The show mouse code was acutally the first Python script i ever wrote :P!
Hmm, that could be cool! But tracking something to the mouse is hard work i believe…

Credits would be nice :).

Not if you follow this tutorial :smiley:

It would be relatively easy to have something light up when you have your mouse over the general area. Such as having a invisible plane represent the area, and when you put your mouse over it, it would send a message that would make the light play a ipo, that changes it’s energy from 0 to 1, or something similar with properties.
If you don’t understand what I’m trying to explain, just ask, I can probably get a demo setup.

braveheart nice simple menu, could be useful for beginners

oh and i fixed your version script thing

#Doesn't currently work..

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()

loadFile = open("Version.txt","r")
own.Text = loadFile.readline()[0:-1]


at lest it works for me.