Simple model library concept. Possible?

I typically like to keep a file browser window open in my default Blender setup. This is great for drag and dropping assets into my scene. I was wondering if a few things were possible to construct a simple model library though.
All I would need for this to work would be:

A. First to be able to append to classes within the file browser window (Not sure where to start here as no menus in the file browser window seem to direct towards the source code generating them).

B. Simple conditional which asks “If ‘Models’ in directory name display contents of object folder in blend file ONLY (not interested in anything other than appending whole objects)”.

C. Appending to drag and drop classes to append items instead of loading whole Blend file if, once again ‘Models’ in parent directory name.

Can this be done through some simple appending to file browser classes? Or would I need to code an entire infrastructure? Alternatives? Other people with opensource attempts at this I can look at?

Also is it possible via hotkey or otherwise, to simply change the action of the file browser from loading blend files to appending them without having to first go through the window called when you append something? In other words, can I just be in the regular file browser and then through some dark arts append a file instead of just loading it? Thanks. Sorry if this is confusing. If confusing please ask questions if interested. Thanks.