Simple modeling question: Triangle stays when moving vertices

I encountered a problem while moving vertices inward a model. I am using Blender 2.70a

  1. I added a cube
  2. I made a ring cut (ctrl + r)
  3. I selected the two top vertices and tried to move them down Z and then in Y direction

Instead of forming the shape defined by the edges a triangle stays as soon as I move the edge over the diagonal line.

I followed a tutorial where this works flawlessly in Blender 2.70a.

If anybody of you knows what I am doing wrong, or hidden options I need to change please help is very much appreciated.

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I followed a tutorial where this works flawlessly in Blender 2.70a.
If it works with blender 2.70a (the latest version) why not use that ? If you use a version before 2.63 you may see issues because that’s when the current mesh system was introduced. If you want to get that appearance split the face

Ohh I use Blender 2.70a forgot to mention that. Added the info to my original post.

@ Richard Marklew : He says he uses 2.70a. <----- Black Hole Time Shift… nm.

Chances are you had double vertices when you selected and started to move.
Since there are no blender knobs, just object on image, nobody can tell for sure.
However Ctrl-R would be going around object if there were no additional vertices.

-----> Same caused Locally Temporal Imaginary Blackness so that Ngonal Reality was shifted too.
Select vertices and hit J.

How are double vertices created when I just added this new cube and made one cut in the middle?

You’re creating concave quads like that. Everything gets triangulated for drawing on the screen (and rendering) and a quad has two triangulation options:

Top row: triangulation options for convex and concave quads

Don’t make concave polygons, otherwise you would have to triangulate them yourself to have the control over where the edges go.

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Ok thank you I will not do it that way I was just curious as in the tutorial I was doing this didn’t happen and I wondered if there is an option for displaying it another way.

Out of curiosity - what was this tut? Can you please give a link? I wonder if that was before_ngon_era one…You say 2.70a, interesting.

This tutorial minute around 6:04

In the tutorial he is modelling in wireframe mode so it doesn’t show any faces
If you’re not in wireframe ensure you have not enabled the limit selection to visible option to ensure you are selecing ALL the correct vertices

Ok thank you for your help!