simple: monster hit by axe moving his head

hi all, i’m trying to move a monster’s head in a simple game prototype when it’s hit by an axe or when the “hero” is colsing in. i’ve realized an action (the head movement) and surrounded the monster with a sphere for the collision; i’ve used “near”, “ray”, even also “radar” sensor but nothing happens. how can i do it?

maybe this .blend helps to explain better my problem.
thank you all in advance! :wink:


MonsterMovement.blend (147 KB)

like this?


MonsterMovement1.blend (145 KB)

you’re great and i’m really stupid… obviously i had to use both mouse and near sensor. thank you!

and what if i try to move his head with an action? in my .blend nothing happens but surely i’m missing something.


ActionMonsterMovement.blend (149 KB)

I created a simple version of what you’re trying to do. Feel free to take it apart and have a look.

The Monster has a bounding mesh cube for determining collisions.
The axe has an IPO for chopping, and it’s parented to another object for moving around.
The blade of the axe has a ghost child mesh which is used for the collision detection with the monster.

To keep you moving forward, I also added in a health property with a shape key for taking damage, and a bloodsplat for when health < 0

It seems to work ok.
Let me know if you have any questions about it.

(created in 2.48a)