Simple movement not so simple for me

I’ve got a cube that I’m trying to move around on top of a plane. I’ve got the sensors/actuators set up for the most basic kind of movement imaginable. UpArrow and DownArrow work fine but LeftArrow and RightArrow don’t move the object unless I set the Loc to 0.26 or higher. (see screenshot below) What’s going on? I’ve been able to successfully move an object before like I’m trying to do now but for whatever reason it now seems to be wiggin’ out on me.

And another small issue I don’t know how to resolve -when I Alt+LMB to rotate 3d View my RGB Origin goes nuts scaling up and down for no apparent reason and is very distracting. If anyone can help me figure that out as well I’d appreciate it.


As always I’ll recommend you to try linV instead of loc, try it and see if it works better. LinV works better with collisions since loc isn’t real movement, it’s short teleportations.

Thanks Sim88, but my problem seems to have “fixed itself” (it now works fine though I don’t know why).