simple multilanguage interface - update 24/10/17

Hi people!

Here, I decided to share with you a simple system of localization of the game interface. One script for everything. Saving the game can expand if you understand a lesson from ThaTimst3r- everything is easy. You can add filters and more… or more localizations. This localization system may also be for the game itself.
Language settings are saved in //settings/settings automatically when you click on the corresponding button.


Thank you for attention.

Slightly optimized the script and logic - now activators are not used to replace the mesh; instead, the light zone moves to each active button.
The scene file in the archives is updated.
Thank you for attention.

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Reversing the replace the mesht (logic bricks), and added another click sound. Somewhat optimized (simplified) the script.

OK people.
I did it - the minimum of objects in the scene (only one layer is involved), a minimum of logical bricks and one simple script:

  • completely abandoned the use of the replace mesh - only a dynamic texture, and the use of the object color.
    Thank you for attention.