Simple multiplayer setup for future BGMC games.

Yesterday I had a little time and I wanted to make a network setup that would wrap around the system Agoose77 developed. The goal was to make it simple and fast to use and easy to test locally. Unfortunately it took me a lot of time to figure out Agoose77’s setup and as time was ticking I decided to make a simple Socket server and a basic client just to be able to test stuff.
If you want to test it out the download is in the resources and tools page or in the videos description on youtube.

I love it’s simplicity to set up. The only thing I would change is add support for adding objects mid-game. If you get it to do that, I’d like to try integrate it with the Generic Game Template. (Due to the way level shifts are handled, adding objects mid-game is quite essential)

I must say I was really impressed by the simplicity of this…this was the first one of these that ive just executed and it worked like it was supposed to. Locally and through the net. I do have a question though. It seems as though no matter how I run it I seem to have an exact 1 second delay in receiving data on the clients, even when I run locally. I expect some lag through the net but not on a local machine. Any Ideas where I can look into to check this out?