Simple Muscle Test with Mesh Deform Modifier

Hi All,

You’ll need a build of blender with the mesh deform modifier for this to work. Basically wanted to have a play and see how it all worked using a low res cage mesh to properly deform a higher res one. It’s a real simple .blend file, but the outer cage has one shape key to fix the elbow deform, and then you are free to put muscle bulges (and more importantly things like detailed facial expression shapes, not included here though) on a higher res mesh. I have one really bad muscle shape in place to show what I mean. Shape keys still driven by ipo drivers.

I’ll post more detailed tests as I do them. - 160kb or so.

Hmmm, I don’t have the most recent build, could you post some screenshots?

Also, where could I get the latest build?

…I believe…

Yup, from - I think it is this build - or maybe this one (slightly newer). - really small render of setup and also attached is a screenshot. Best to download the .blend and have a play though, screenshots dont help that much.

Hint: if trying this, leave armature modifiers/armature parenting off of the final mesh! Otherwise the high res mesh deforms from the cage mesh and then again from the armature, giving double over deformed results.