Simple outliner proposal

Here a simple proposal to make the outliner clean and much more intuitive (especially in complex scenes).


Do you have a solution to selecting those individually after they are compacted like that?

I think it would be no problem with the selection because you will need open the dropdown to read the names of your objects prior selection but i am pretty unbiased bout this proposal.
I would really love to see the comeback of the 2.49 outliner functionaltiy: press the mat icon in the outliner will shoe the mat tab, push mesh icon will show mesh tab…

cheers dave

when you have hundreds of objects under the empty, you have to open the outliner at full screen to discover the highlights mark of your selection.

thats why I posted my proposal here.

I like this proposal!


I’m unclear about what your proposal is.

Are you saying add a search function to the outliner? Isn’t there already one?

Your big red arrow is pointing at the search box, so I’m just guessing that’s what you’re talking about.

I like this!

rontarrant- I didn’t see it at first time too. Its about numbering parented objects. Look what is beside Empty.

Do you have a solution for guesing which object you select when you see bunch of same icons? :wink:

Other question - how many of you actually use the outliner? The tools feels like a C4D data viewer but internally Blender works more like Maya. Maya’s outliner is the way how Blender’s old OOPs view was.

I would much rather love to see real custom layers in the outliner.

Me. Mostly to selecting things that are not visible in viewport or on hidden layers. Now I work on character with 7 different hairstyles, 150k particles each. Selecting them in viewport is pain in the ass.


that makes sense - but wouldn’t layers be better?

Pointless, I am not the one suggesting a change, not that I disagree with the perceived improvement however. It seems as though the intent for the current layout was to click between them without pulling down a sub-list. The question is that if this is an important form of interaction within the outliner, then is there a solution to maintain that interaction? I can think of many but I was curious to as what the OP thinks. Which is why I asked it. :wink:

I’m suggesting this simple change because I know rewrote the outliner in “maya style” will be a pain. Qith a solution like this you can find at least under wich empty your object is.

Using layers is good, but I think is a little bit confusing. For complex scenes I prefer outliner.

cekuhnen - I have 7 layers and 2 sculp meshes in each. Still selecting dense mesh or heavy particle system in viewport is laggy as hell. Sometimes must wait 2 seconds after click and then check which mesh I selected. :wink:

What actually about tagging - outline or layers are like old file structure systems.
Good but not the best.

Outline with Layer tags could be useful.

In simple cases, you might be able to guess it. icons are hierarchically or alphabetically ordered from left to right.
But I suggest to add a second outliner area with a “Selected” or “Active” view.

Is it different of restricting outliner view to visible layers ?

The Outliner is currently just about useless. As (I think) Cekuhnen brought up, is an idea I pitched a long time ago, but none of the devs caught on –

Okay, I get what you’re talking about and I agree.

In fact, if the Outliner were rewritten to be more like the one you demonstrated in your video, it could incorporate Visible Layers (the widget at the bottom of the 3D View) and the Group and parent concepts all in one window. Visibility (at the layer, group or parent-child levels), selecting, grouping and parenting could all available in one place. And I do love drag-n-drop which is now partially implemented not just in the Outliner, but in other places as well.

It would really help to unclutter the interface in general and make selecting, parenting, grouping and layering more intuitive.

Excellent idea, daren! And with so many applications already using such concepts (Photoshop, Vue, CorelDRAW, Maya, Inkscape, GIMP, etc., etc.) there are a lot to reference for ideas on how to implement it.

Dont expect any improvements on the outliner…
Nobody is willing to change anything here; so dont deserve your energy…

No surprises here. :frowning:

I think this is easier to get if you accept that blender “groups” are closer to View’s “layers”, and that blender uses a tagging model where objects can be in multiple groups/layers.

Check out the Blender outliner’s “groups” mode…

I would like to:

  • show “ungrouped” category in groups outliner mode
  • allow drag-and-drop between groups in outliner
  • easy way to create a group directly in the outliner
  • rename “groups” outliner mode to “objects” outliner mode… since that is basically what it is